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At Berkhamsted, we recognise that intelligence takes many forms and we encourage all our pupils to pursue their talents and interests through the many enrichment opportunities on offer for each age group. These opportunities are available for academic subjects, and extra-curricular topics.  For our more academically adventurous, there are a number of avenues through which to fulfil their potential at each School.

At our Prep Schools, pupils are offered the opportunity to complement and expand their traditional curriculum knowledge through topics such as Forest School lessons, mindfulness or to stretch their academic abilities through maths challenges and spelling bees.

The opportunities are wide and varied to ensure every pupil has the opportunity to develop their interests and skills.

From Key Stage Three onwards, we offer wide-ranging enrichment and extension opportunities: debating, the Academic Competition (Year 10) and the Crawford Society (Sixth Form) are among the activities designed to provide academic challenges for our students.

Our student-centred brochure, Horizons, invites pupils to explore the range of enrichment opportunities available in (and beyond) the school; those with an appetite for academic adventures will find reading recommendations, essay competitions, clubs and excursions, as well as conundrums and challenges, within the brochure.

Horizons is a cornucopia of all the additional opportunities we offer pupils at Berkhamsted; by placing the onus on the pupils, it also supports our approach to Building Learning Power and marks a change in our approach to academic enrichment. By creating a culture that celebrates initiative and endeavour, we seek to stimulate, stretch and challenge all pupils at the School. Rather than using such labels as ‘gifted and talented’, we recognise and reward pupils who demonstrate an enthusiasm for learning and who possess a growth mindset. We have a dedicated team of enrichment contacts, drawn from all departments in the School, who continue to shape the school’s approach to enrichment. The departmental contacts are a first port of call for pupils who express interests or passions in a particular subject area. Your son or daughter’s tutor will be able to put them in touch with the relevant contact in each department.

A number of opportunities detailed in the brochure direct pupils towards external courses and experiences. Initiatives like the EDT Headstart courses for pupils interested in STEM subjects can be hugely rewarding for pupils who wish to pursue their passions beyond the curriculum. To support this, we have we have set aside a fund to allow us to award small bursaries (of up to £100) to pupils who apply for external enrichment opportunities (specifically ones which involve a competitive application process). Pupils should speak to their tutors for further information about enrichment bursaries.

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