We offer Scholarships on merit at Berkhamsted. Scholarships and Exhibitions are only awarded on entry to Berkhamsted Senior Schools and Sixth (at 11+, 13+ and 16+) and thus are not available to pupils within the School. Pupils at the preparatory schools within the Berkhamsted Schools Group, however, are eligible for Scholarships if applying for entry to the Senior Schools.


We consider students for Scholarships based on the contribution we feel they could make to school life, whether academic, dramatic, musical, sporting or creative or as potential leaders.

Our Scholarship value is usually 10% of total tuition fees, although higher awards may be given. Exhibitions may also be awarded for music and drama.

All awards may be varied at the absolute discretion of the Principal.

After our published deadlines we may be able to consider truly exceptional candidates for a scholarship, on an individual basis, during the lent term. This will be at the absolute discretion of the Principal.

More information about Scholarships may be obtained from the Admissions Manager on the contact details below:

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For further details on Scholarships at Berkhamsted and how to apply, please refer to our Information Booklet below: