Berkhamsted Group, Prep | 06.02.2023

Back in Time for the Tudors

Back in Time for the Tudors

As part of their History topic on the Tudors, Year 5 were paid a visit by two real-life Tudors – a lady-in-waiting and a worker from the Royal Mint! Although it was swiftly established that the Tudor visitors were in fact only talented actors, each Year 5 class threw themselves into the spirit of a fun, energetic and educational workshop.

The visit from Reach Out Educate – who run interactive Living History visits – saw pupils able to see and handle everyday items that Tudors would have used, from drinking mugs to toys, jewellery to clothing. They also got to see how Tudor coins were made, as well as have a close look at the weapons and armour that would have been used in combat. As well as being given plenty of information about these items and Tudor life, Year 5 were also able to ask plenty of questions about whatever they saw and about Tudor period in general. There were still hands going up when it was time to finish for the end of the day!


The workshops were an excellent opportunity for Year 5 to consolidate what they have already learnt about the Tudors, but also to further their knowledge and indulge their historical curiosity. Being able to see in reality what they have been learning about in the classroom will be an excellent stimulus and source of inspiration for the rest of their topic on the Tudors and beyond too.



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