Academic Stretch & Support

A positive environment for every pupil

Academic Enrichment

At Berkhamsted, we recognise that intelligence takes many forms. We will always recognise, support and encourage your son’s talents and interests.

There are so many avenues at Berkhamsted where our pupils can fulfil their potential – from the classroom to the stage and beyond.

We encourage adventurous learners, so your son will find a wealth of enrichment opportunities such as reading recommendations, essay competitions, clubs and excursions, as well as conundrums and challenges.

Our student-centred website, HORIZONS invites pupils to explore the range of enrichment activities available in (and beyond) the school.

The values of Berkhamsted Boys are reflected in our value to ‘aim high with integrity’. We encourage every pupil to have a growth mindset which is open to learning. The effort our pupils put in is praised, leading pupils to understand the capacity for success if they work hard. In this way, our boys are motivated to take an extra step academically.

Berkhamsted boys are also taught to see that hard work can achieve exceptional results outside the classroom too. We also value being adventurous with many GCSE pupils completing their Duke of Edinburgh Award during Year 11, while others see success on the sports pitch, art studio or music and drama stages.

These extra-curricular achievements and commitments not only provide an all-round education, but they also help to minimise GCSE exam stress and promote good mental health.

Learning to ‘be adventurous’

Pupils are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones, to be adventurous and try new ways of learning.  Laughology is just one academic experience the pupils have in Y10 which encourages them to use stand-up comedy to develop confidence and public speaking skills.


Learning Support

At Berkhamsted Boys our Learning Support department aims to develop a positive learning environment for every pupil, supporting the boys to achieve to the best of their ability across the curriculum.

We are aware that the needs of every boy differ with our inclusive ‘Whole School Approach’ which is designed to support individual strengths and learning styles.

Our Learning Support department helps pupils with their planning and organisation, enabling the boys to become motivated and independent learners.


Open Event

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The school delivers on its motto of ‘Developing Remarkable People’ – students are notably engaging and enjoy taking part in everything the school has to offer.


Oversubscribed at both major entry points (11+ and 13+), with places sought after by bright and talented pupils from far and wide, looking for more breadth than the local grammars can offer, without the hothouse feel of some schools closer to London.

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