Wellbeing & Pastoral Care

The wellbeing of our pupils is of vital importance at Berkhamsted Boys, with mental health an absolute priority.

We seek to develop compassionate and resilient pupils and we do this by providing a good example for them to follow. Our Deputy Head Pupil Wellbeing leads our Wellbeing Team, which includes chaplaincy staff, nurses and counsellors/coaches.

Our Wellbeing Team supports our teaching staff in their pastoral roles, implementing a proactive wellbeing strategy. This strategy helps to keep our pupils well, looks out for early signs of potential problems and supports those who have any pastoral difficulties.

Our Medical Centre is staffed by fully qualified nurses providing cover at each School site during the school day. The School Medical Officer has special responsibility for boarders.

A team of qualified counsellors is available to all pupils for confidential counselling. The school also has a full-time residential Chaplain and an Assistant Chaplain.

Pastoral Care

Our aim at Berkhamsted Boys is to maintain good discipline within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, encouraging the development of responsibility and self-discipline in our pupils.

Berkhamsted Boys is composed of smaller units – Houses – where every individual receives pastoral support and academic guidance. The Houses, which are made up of pupils from different year groups, are the centre of pupils’ lives, giving a sense of belonging and encouraging self-confidence.

The Head of House, with help from House Tutors, takes responsibility for each boy’s social and academic development and is the main channel of communication between home and school. They are the main channel of communication between the student’s school and home life.

We are committed to developing boys’ values and ability to regulate their own behaviour

Year 11 boys have the opportunity to take leadership roles in their Houses. Houses are also an arena for competition and cooperation. Sport, drama, music naturally provides many opportunities for the boys to work together along with lots of other competitions and fundraising for charities.

We are committed to developing boys’ values and ability to regulate their own behaviour so excessive rules are not necessary. Each pupil is issued with a Code of Conduct and a copy of the School Rules, which are updated regularly.

Our Houses also provide an environment for cooperation and competition, with Inter-House competitions, music, quizzes, debating and sport. Pupils also regularly fundraise for charity within their House.

Pastoral care at Berkhamsted

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Personal Development

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At Berkhamsted we value the history of our School and its strong Christian foundation which dates back to 1541. Nearly 500 years later, we remain committed to the way we live out our Christian foundation and values which are integral to the ethos and beliefs of the school community.

Our two full-time members of chaplaincy staff support our pupils and help to establish Christian values within their everyday lives. This pastoral care is available to our pupils through optional Confirmation classes and extracurricular Christian Unions and lunchtime drop-in clubs.

Our pupils attend chapel services once a week. The services are Christian focused and cover a variety of different topics and issues. They are designed to be accessible to all pupils, whether they practise another religion or have no faith.

There are special services at Berkhamsted for Remembrance Day, Christmas and Easter. There is also school communion service every half term.

We encourage our pupils to question and debate throughout their spiritual journey, allowing them opportunities to contemplate and reflect.

Our chaplaincy supports our pupils as they grow spiritually. This, along with social action, encourages pupils to develop a sense of compassion and strong community focus.

Space to reflect

Our Chaplin considers in this podcast the opportunity that is provided to support pupils with their spiritual development