Welcome to Berkhamsted Sixth

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We can’t wait for you to join us in September

Unfortunately we are unable to invite you to Berkhamsted Sixth for your induction day but we hope that this selection of videos provides you with information to prepare you for your first day in September.

Welcome to Berkhamsted Sixth

A welcome to the Sixth Form from Mr Martin Walker, Headteacher

Call to Action Competition

Headteacher, Mr Martin Walker, introduces a competition for all Year 12.  Watch the video to find out more – deadline for applying is the first week of term.


Intellectual Curiosity

Mr Richard Backhouse, the Principal, explains how to get the most from your Sixth Form education

Welcome from our Senior Prefects

Welcome to Drama at Berkhamsted

Find out more about Drama in the Sixth Form from our Director of Drama, Mr Dominic Curtis

Welcome to Music at Berkhamsted

Find out more about Music in the Sixth Form from our Director of Performing Arts Development, Mrs Steph Gunary

Welcome to Outdoor Education at Berkhamsted

Find out more about Outdoor Education in the Sixth Form from our Deputy Head of Adventure and Leadership, Mr Duncan Hardy

Welcome to Sport at Berkhamsted

Find out more about Sport in the Sixth Form from our Director of Sport, Mr David Gibson

Uniform Guidelines

Please watch a guideline to the Uniform Policy from Mrs Emma Watson


Community Service at Berkhamsted Sixth

Mrs Kath Thomlin, our Community Service Co-ordinator introduces the opportunity to fulfil our school value to ‘Serve Others’ and explains the opportunities that are available in the Sixth Form to be part of the community service

Clubs and opportunities in Berkhamsted Sixth


An introduction to INK the student run magazine website for current affairs from Mr Ian Cruickshanks

Media, Marketing and Production Club

An introduction to ‘Surreel’ our media club which offers the opportunity to develop media and marketing skills with Mrs Justine Bohitige

Young Enterprise at Berkhamsted

An introduction to Young Enterprise, Mr Victor Fung describes the opportunity to develop skills whilst running your own small enterprise business alongside your fellow pupils

Thank you

Thank you for watching our Subject videos.  We hope that this has provided you with further insight into life at Sixth and what you can expect when you join us in September.  If you have any further queries or questions please do not hesitate to ask your Head of House or contact us at sixth@berkhamsted.com where the team will be happy to help.

House Head of House Contact 
Ashby Mr Robert Moseley AshbyHouse@berkhamsted.com
Burgh Miss Dawn Wylie BurghHouse@berkhamsted.com
Churchill Mr Benjamin Kerr-Shaw ChurchillHouse@berkhamsted.com
Hawks Mr Richard Falder HawksHouse@berkhamsted.com
Nash Dr Paul Hundal NashHouse@berkhamsted.com
Reeves Mr Graham Burchnall ReevesHouse@berkhamsted.com
School Mrs Jane Simons SchoolHouse@berkhamsted.com
Spencer Mr David Pain SpencerHouse@berkhamsted.com
St Georges Ms Kimberley Holt StGeorgesHouse@berkhamsted.com
Tudor Mr Tom Hockedy TudorHouse@berkhamsted.com


We look forward to seeing you soon.  Have a good summer.

Mr Dave Richardson – Deputy Head of Berhamsted Sixth


Berkhamsted Sixth