Berkhamsted Group, Heatherton | 13.12.2022

Christingle at Heatherton

Christingle at Heatherton

An orange, a piece of red ribbon, sweets, dried fruit and a lit candle. These are all the things that Heatherton girls used to create Christingles for their special service on Friday last week.

The Christingle service is an annual Christmas tradition that allows the girls to reflect on being thankful and grateful at this time of year. This year’s services – one for the Nursery and Pre-Prep, and one for the Prep – saw the girls sing hymns and then listen to a lovely talk by our assistant chaplain Miss Hopkins. It concluded with all the Christingles being lit by the teachers, before the girls had a few moments to look into the light created by their candles and think about something they were grateful for.

The services gave the girls a chance to reflect on what they are thankful, as well as using the symbolism of their Christingles to see how, like the light of their candles, hope can still shine in dark times. We hope the photos below show what special events the services were.

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