Parent Partnership

Our partnership with you as parents is essential, as we aim to create a wider family structure for your child.

As early years professionals we not only strive to ensure your child has access to care, nurture and learning during their days with us, but we also work closely with you, so you too feel part of their development.


Your child will have a named key person from the point of a place being offered. We are keen to learn about your child from you even before they start, and the settling sessions will provide both you and us with time to find out about your child and for you to ask us questions. We will also facilitate a more detailed induction meeting with your child’s key person, so we are able to build a picture of your child, their personality and interests (often favourite toys and activities).

Once your child starts, you will have a daily opportunity at the end of the day during pick up, to hear about key aspects of your child’s day from either your child’s key person or a practitioner who works with your child each day. Our team will ensure they are observing your child closely during their daily interactions, noting key developmental changes whilst also ensuring access to a wide range of experiences. The changes in development at this age can be exponential and as such, close monitoring and observations ensure each child has access to learning and development opportunities that consolidate newly learned skills and challenge them gently to try new ones.

Over time your child’s key person will build up your child’s profile, monitoring progress in relation to the EYFS outcomes and highlighting key areas for ‘next steps’. You will have an opportunity to meet with your child’s key person during a Child Development and Learning Review where you can discuss your child’s development and the agreed key targets for the weeks ahead.

In addition to your personal relationship with us, we also aim to provide regular guidance on early child development and to support you with key developmental milestones such as weaning and potty training. We encourage our parents to use our expertise and knowledge as we work together to ensure the very best outcomes for all our children.