Berkhamsted Group | 21.06.2018

Epic introduction anticipated for the 2018 ‘The Journey’ themed Prize Day

Epic introduction anticipated for the 2018 ‘The Journey’ themed Prize Day

Pupils and staff are in anticipation of perhaps the most ambitious Senior School Prize Day ever seen at Berkhamsted.

The theme for the day is ‘The Journey,’ which will allow students and speakers to reflect on how their time at school has helped shape personalities and provide direction.

Out of this world

Senior Prefects will host the day’s proceedings, which will involve a mix of live performances and video logs, whilst guest speaker Dr Suzie Imber, an Old Berkhamstedian, will share an inspiring recollection of her time as a Berkhamsted student in the 1990s.

Dr Imber studied physics at university before becoming a Research Associate at the University of Leicester. Most famously, in 2017 she won the BBC Two series ‘Astronauts, Do You Have What It Takes’ and received a recommendation to join the European Space Agency.

Sneak Preview

Two preview videos portraying student’s personal journey are available ahead of Prize Day.

Year 13 Drama students are preparing to take their performance of The Miser to the Edinburgh Festival.  Refining the act to suit an international audience at the world’s largest arts festival has been a journey in many ways. Told be Lizzie Debonnaire.

3,000 miles is a significant journey to school. Growing up in the USA before moving to Berkhamsted at 16 requires a lot of adapting and settling to a new environment and education system. Story told by Mihir Shah.

It is fitting that the final word should go to our students. Eloise Groves, outgoing Head Girl, said: “Our time at school plays a significant part in setting us on the path we will follow in life. For Year 13 students, this week is our last at Berkhamsted – in some cases it comes at the end of 15 years here, but for all of us the school has been important in helping us decide where we would like to go next on our journey.”

Senior School Prize Day takes place on Thursday 5th July. Parents can still book tickets up until Friday 29 June. Contact for more info.

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