Berkhamsted Group, Pre-Prep | 25.06.2024

Firefighters visit Stepping Stones!

Firefighters visit Stepping Stones!

To help children enjoy immersive and imaginative play, Berkhamsted’s Stepping Stones enjoyed a visit from real life firefighters this Trinity term.

As the fire engine pulled onto the playground, the children’s eyes widened at the sight of the shiny red truck. With flashing lights and shiny red chrome, it was like a scene from their favourite storybooks coming to life. The firefighters, dressed in their striking uniforms, stepped out with friendly waves and warm smiles, instantly putting the children at ease.

The firefighters began by explaining their roles and responsibilities, emphasising the importance of fire safety in a way that was both engaging and understandable for their young audience.

They discussed the various parts of their uniforms and equipment, allowing the children to see and touch items like helmets, gloves, and breathing masks.

Then came the highlight of the visit: a guided tour of the fire engine itself. The firefighters carefully helped the children climb aboard. Inside the truck, the children marvelled at the array of tools and gadgets. They learned about the sirens, the water hoses, and the life-saving equipment stored in every nook and cranny.

But the day’s excitement didn’t end there. Outside, a special activity awaited: each child would get a turn to hold the fire hose and spray water. The firefighters set up a bright orange cone as a target. The children took their positions, with a firefighter guiding them in holding the hose.

While the children had endless fun, they were also absorbing crucial lessons about teamwork, bravery, and the role of community helpers. The firefighters fed the children’s curiosity, answering countless questions, from “How do you put out fires?” to “Do you ever rescue cats from trees?”

It was a morning when heroes came to school, and the impact of their visit would be remembered long after the fire engine’s siren faded into the distance. We would like to thank all the amazing firefighters at Berkhamsted Fire Station who gave up their time to give the children such a rich experience!

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