Academic Stretch & Support

A positive environment for every pupil

Academic Enrichment

Our enrichment programme encourages the girls to be academically curious and enjoy the challenge of expanding their learning horizons. The girls will have the opportunity to become involved in numerous academic enrichment opportunities provided by clubs, competitions, reading recommendations and other challenges to stimulate intellectual curiosity. We work with the girls inside and outside of the classroom helping them to become independent learners who enjoy the challenge of exploring new issues and delving deeper into areas of the curriculum that they have found interesting.

Our student-centred Horizons website invites pupils at Berkhamsted Girls to explore the range of enrichment activities available inside and outside the school.

Beyond the curriculum

Berkhamsted Girls are encouraged to research and explore beyond the curriculum.  This video shares the inspirational assembly hosted by pupils to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022.


Learning Support

At Berkhamsted Girls our Learning Support department maintains a positive learning environment for every pupil, supporting the girls to perform to the best of their ability in their core academic subjects.

We are aware that the needs of every girl differs and so we offer an inclusive ‘Whole School Approach’ to meet individual strengths and learning styles.

Our Learning Support department helps the pupils with their planning and organisation, enabling the girls to become both motivated and independent learners.


Open Event

Leap into action and join us at one of our open events. Click the link below to view our open events and book your place now.
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The school delivers on its motto of ‘Developing Remarkable People’ – students are notably engaging and enjoy taking part in everything the school has to offer.


Oversubscribed at both major entry points (11+ and 13+), with places sought after by bright and talented pupils from far and wide, looking for more breadth than the local grammars can offer, without the hothouse feel of some schools closer to London.

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