Parent Partnership

Parent Partnership

Working together

Our pupils’ happiness and wellbeing is reliant on a strong partnership between our pupils, teachers and parents.

In today’s fast-changing world, issues that pupils may encounter surrounding new technology and social media, can shift.

Parent Partnership

Good to talk

At Berkhamsted we are able to offer a Parent Talks and Courses programme. This programme strengthens the communication between home and school. It also provides you with additional opportunity to discuss the issues facing young people in today’s world with our staff members – issues which can occur in school or at home.

Strong lines of communication between home and school will enable our pupils to feel wholly supported through any challenges or disappointments they may face through their school years, and this care, guidance and support allows them to grow into resilient, independent and confident young adults.

The Friends

All parents whose children are pupils at the School are automatically members of The Friends. The Friends’ key aims are to provide opportunities for parents to meet socially and to raise funding for items of equipment or resources for the benefit of the pupils’ education at Berkhamsted, which could not otherwise be purchased.

The Friends help to build a community across the family of Berkhamsted Schools, and their events such as the Michaelmas Fair and Proms in the Quad are major highlights in the school calendar.

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Ambitious go-getters who are always looking for ways to make themselves stand out from the crowd, and want to get the absolute utmost from the education and opportunities available to them.

Pupils show pronounced and highly effective study skills, appropriate to their age. Strong research skills are evident in many examples of project work, and older pupils, in particular, show excellent ability to assimilate and analyse a wide range of sources.

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