Tom Hadcroft welcomes you to Berkhamsted Boys

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Tom Hadcroft

Headteacher Berkhamsted Boys

At Berkhamsted School we develop remarkable people.

We are fortunate to benefit from a diamond structure, allowing the boys in years 7 to 11 to enjoy all the advantages of a single-sex education whilst profiting from the ability to combine activities, trips and personal development opportunities in a co-educational setting. The boys enjoy a wide array of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, which lead to outstanding personal development outcomes both individually and in groups.

The school provides challenge and demand to not only prepare the boys as independent thinkers, but with the right climate to develop their talents and self-esteem so they become proactive, confident, caring and resilient people.

The boys are divided into nine distinct Houses and enjoy daily pastoral time. Each House has a tutor, responsible for each year group, and a dedicated Deputy and Head of House who oversee the pastoral support and academic pathway of every boy.

This website will give you some insights into life at Berkhamsted Boys, but the best way to gain a better understanding would be to visit the historic Castle campus. We look forward to welcoming you and your son.

Mr Tom Hadcroft BA (Hons), MSc, MRes, MA
Headteacher of Berkhamsted Boys

Q & A with Headteacher Thomas Hadcroft

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