Berkhamsted Group, Heatherton | 04.04.2019

Heatherton Girls Get A Taste For Publishing

Heatherton Girls Get A Taste For Publishing

The Year 5 girls at Heatherton were thrilled to spend time with children’s author and illustrator, Rachel Quarry, creating their very own book. Heatherton pride themselves on finding creative ways to enrich learning, this project excelled in achieving this.

Mrs Quarry introduced them to an illustrated character she had created, whom the girls named ‘Heather’. Their brief was to design scenes using collage and drawing techniques in which to hide Heather, to form the page spreads. A park and playground were just some of the scenes chosen. They also drew self-portraits with which to decorate the inside front and back covers.  The children titled their book: “Heather is Hiding.”

Mrs Quarry kindly hand made this into a book and recently came into the school to present it to the children.  The girls were very excited to see their work in print and it has been given pride of place in the school library.

Mrs Ross-McKay, Heatherton’s Head of Art and Design Technology commented; “This was such a lovely project for the girls. We were extremely fortunate to have Mrs Quarry, professional illustrator and author spend time with them. They not only enjoyed the project but were so proud to see their work translated into a finished book. Who knows, we may even have inspired some future career choices! Thank you again to Mrs Quarry.”


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