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Joy and relief: Student reaction to GCSE results reflective of Berkhamsted values 

Joy and relief: Student reaction to GCSE results reflective of Berkhamsted values 

Berkhamsted’s Year 11 should rejoice in the success of their GCSE results, and take pride in what they have achieved beyond the curriculum.  

Never before have GCSE students faced a challenge quite like 2020.  The GCSE (and A Level) results have been plagued with much turmoil and uncertainty on a national level.  

It is the values and character traits so strongly associated with Berkhamsteds students that will see them triumph  Each has shown resilience, determination and ambition throughout this time – characteristics that will ensure this cohort will succeed beyond today’s exam results.  

GCSE Results Topline Table  

Grade 9 8 7 6
Total 489 414 445 335
% 26.2% 22.2% 23.8% 17.9%
Cumulative % 26.2% 48.3% 72.1% 90%


  5 4 3 2
Total 140 43 3 0
% 7.5% 2.3% 0.2% 0%
Cumulative % 97.5% 99.8% 100% 100%

How were the results determined?

On Monday 17 August, The Government Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) announced new plans for determining the 2020 exams results.  

Today GCSE students have received results based on their centre assessed performance, rather than being subjected to the controversial Ofqual standardisation model as originally planned.  

Schools were asked to submit their assessment of each student earlier this summer in place of the cancelled 2020 exams. The results will now reflect student’s performances in mock exams and other related assessments.  

The changes will affect A Level students too. More information

Relief and ready for September

Richard Backhouse, Berkhamsted Schools Group Principal said “It has come with a sense of relief, that students can finally be safe in the knowledge that their GCSE results will reflect their hard work and academic performance.  These results testify to the ability and application of this cohort. 

We are hopeful that today’s results will see the end of the recent turmoil.  With the Government and Ofqual caused uncertainty behind them, students should now be able to make firm plans for the next academic year.  

The new term is now only a short time away. Throughout the summer our staff have been creating a safe environment as we enter this post-pandemic era. For the time being there will be a sense of a ‘new normal’ relating to Covid-19, but the sense of community will remain as strong as ever.   

Versatility and community strength

While the school community was distant physically, the sense of togetherness remained.  

Liz Richardson, Headteacher of Berkhamsted Girls commented “A combined effort of students, staff and parents ensured a seamless transformation into a digital only school in March with the outbreak of the pandemic.  Our support of Year 11 meant that we helped to develop a programme which would ensure their study leave was put to good use and prepared them for their transition to Sixth Form.  

Mary-Clare Startin, Headteacher of Berkhamsted Boys added “ The programme helped the students to remain focussed on their studies and to take advantage of this time to gain some of the insights and skills they require to transition from GCSE to their A Level courses in the hope of turning this challenging situation into a positive step ahead.” 

Both Headteachers added how proud they were of this year’s cohort and the commitment they have shown to their academic studies.  

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