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Since the school’s formation in 1541 it has had a Christian foundation, and this is as much a part of school tradition and life now as it was 476 years ago.

With the presence of two school chapels and two full time chaplaincy staff, the Christian identity of the school underpins much of what goes on.

All students attend one chapel service a week, which look at a variety of issues and, while Christian in their focus, are accessible to those of other faiths and none. Christmas, Easter and Remembrance Day are marked with special services and there is a half termly after school communion service, which is open to anyone in the school community.

Social action and spiritual development are vital for healthy individuals and strong communities, we aim to raise questions, stimulate debate and give opportunities for students to contribute and reflect. The chaplaincy staff are available as an extra layer of pastoral care to students, running lunchtime drop in clubs, extra-curricular Christian Unions and the opportunity for Confirmation classes, if that is something students wish to pursue.