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Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

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Pupil wellbeing is of vital importance to us.  We believe that each of us has the power to fulfil our own potential.

The Counselling and Coaching Team provide a safe, confidential environment for the pupils to explore their experiences.  Our Director of Pupil Wellbeing leads our Wellbeing Team (Chaplaincy, nurses and counsellors/coaches) and supports the teaching staff in their pastoral roles in implementing a proactive wellbeing strategy that helps keep our pupils well, looks out for early signs of potential problems, and supports those who have any pastoral difficulties.

Our medical staff and fully qualified nurses provide cover across the school sites during the school day. The School Medical Officer has special responsibility for boarders. A team of qualified counsellors are available to all pupils for confidential counselling up to six days a week. The school also has a full-time residential Chaplain and an Assistant Chaplain.

Our aim is to maintain good discipline within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and to encourage the development of responsibility and self-discipline.

At our Prep Schools, Form Teachers, take responsibility for both the academic and personal development of pupils. These teachers are supported by Heads of Department, Deputy Heads and Headteachers. Classes are small so our staff can offer each child as much individual support and attention as they need.

The pupils within Berkhamsted Pre-Prep, Prep and Heatherton are also placed into Houses – an important element of school life which supports each pupil’s development and provides the opportunity for children of different ages to come together to celebrate each other’s achievements and to promote a healthy spirit of competition.

Berkhamsted’s Senior Schools and Sixth Form are also composed of smaller House units, where every individual receives pastoral support and academic guidance. The Houses are made up of pupils from different year groups which gives a sense of belonging and encourages self-confidence. The Head of House has overall responsibility for supporting each pupil’s social and academic development within the school, and is supported by a Deputy Head and a team of tutors, thus allowing us to provide excellent pastoral care for all. Boys and girls have the opportunity to take leadership roles in their Houses. Throughout the year, there are many opportunities for pupils to work together as a House taking part in a range of competitions, activities, trips and charity events.