Berkhamsted Group | 15.09.2022

Memorial Oak planted in Queen’s memory

Memorial Oak planted in Queen’s memory

In order to create a lasting memorial to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the school has planted an English oak tree in Tompkins Meadow.

The tree’s presence will serve not only as a reminder of Her Late Majesty, but of the strength, longevity and stability that underpinned her reign; qualities symbolised by oak and which make it an especially fitting choice as a memorial tree.

The tree is locally sourced, and placing it in Tompkins Meadow, near Berkhamsted Girls King’s Campus, means it will be easily accessible to both the school and the local communities for all to use as a focal point for commemorating our Patron, Queen Elizabeth II. The Reverend Stuart Owen of St Peter’s Church, Berkhamsted, commented:

“At this time of national mourning, much of our attention has been on what has been lost to us following the death of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. However, this is also a fitting time to give thanks for Her Majesty’s legacy, for what has been left to us. Part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations this year have involved the planting of trees across the United Kingdom; an initiative which continues the Royal Family’s long concern for the environment. I’m delighted that Berkhamsted School has planted an oak tree in Tompkins Meadow; giving thanks for seventy years of service, through an act that will serve generations to come in both the school and local communities.”

We trust that the tree will stand for many years, as a reminder of all that Her Late Majesty represented and achieved throughout her long reign.

Memories from Her Late Majesty’s visit to Berkhamsted town in 2016

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