Berkhamsted Group | 19.12.2017

Sixth Form students excited to take The Miser to Edinburgh Festival after impressing local audiences  

Sixth Form students excited to take The Miser to Edinburgh Festival after impressing local audiences  

A very talented cast and team have performed in the Sixth Form production of ‘The Miser’ as part of their journey to Edinburgh Festival.

Their imaginative, energetic, and moving performance was enjoyed by a capacity audience on each of the three nights in December at the School’s Centenary Theatre.  It captured the essence of the classic 16th century play by the French playwright Molière.

Preparing for Edinburgh

Since the start of term, the cast have been working hard to create a suitable production. It will ultimately be performed in front of audiences from all around the world at the Edinburgh Festival.  Students adapted the script and added their own contemporary jokes and lines, to appeal to the audience at the world’s largest arts festival.

James Wakefield starred as La Flèche in his first major drama performance since joining Berkhamsted in September.  He said “We were all so pleased on the last night of The Miser as by then we felt as if we had a tight-knit group that could put on a slick and fluid show, which we could interject comedy into whenever we liked. We’ve had various comments from audience members, saying how they loved the show and the multitude of aspects within in, such as the amazing costumes, lighting and the music that one of the cast members Joseph Beadle wrote and performed.”

Exciting journey

James aims to study at Oxford or Durham university upon completing his A Levels and ultimately work in the television industry.  He recognises the extensive and ongoing process required in creating a theatre production worthy of Edinburgh Festival.

“Although the journey was long, and very time consuming, with many of us staying until late hours after school, I think we all agree it was totally worth it for the end result, and we are all so excited to take the show to Edinburgh.”

Mr Dominic Curtis, Director of Drama said “From the first moment I auditioned for The Miser I knew we were going to be on an exciting journey. It has been a fascinating experience and a real team effort to adapt the play in conjunction with the production team and actors.

“The dedication, the enthusiasm and commitment of the cast and the stage management team has been extraordinary. I’m sure the experience of being involved in the production, both at School and at the Edinburgh Festival, will remain in the hearts of our students for years to come.”

Photo Gallery

A selection of over 50 photos of the performance.

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