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New Sixth Form at Berkhamsted Castle Campus

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On this page, you will find further information about the proposals and our consultations. This is an exciting step forward for the School and we look forward to sharing the plans with you in the months ahead.

Pupils have been educated at Berkhamsted School for over 475 years and we are honoured to have shared this beautiful and historic location with you. Founded in 1541, the School is proud of its roots and partnership with the town and, over the years, we have overseen the careful and considered evolution of our estate.

Looking to the future it is important for the School to address the shortcomings of our existing facilities. This is particularly true with regard to our Sixth Form provision, which needs to be enhanced to provide the best possible environment for our students to not only learn, thrive and excel but one that will equip them for their future.

We are delighted to be surrounded by a thriving community of neighbours, amenity groups and partner schools. Over the coming months we hope to meet and talk about our vision for a new Sixth Form centre on our Castle Campus.

During March we will be holding two drop-in public consultation events to share the feedback from our first consultation in January, and to show how this has influenced our thinking behind the proposals for a new Sixth Form.  We would be delighted if you could join us at the second stage to view our initial designs and  talk to our design team and tell us what matters to you before we proceed to applying for our planning application in April 2020.

We are determined to ensure our vision responds to Berkhamsted’s historical context. As a significant landowner in Berkhamsted we understand the importance of our proposals making a positive contribution to the area.

Richard Backhouse – Principal

Please see below the visual boards from our second public consultation.

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