Berkhamsted Group, Boys, Girls | 26.05.2022

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

The idea for “Once Upon A Time” came about from about from two main aims. The first was a desire to create a production that allowed each year group to have a distinct moment to perform and be the focal point of the evening, whilst also being able to create a piece of drama that had a consistent storyline running throughout it. We soon came up with the idea of two Year 10 pupils who find themselves trapped in a series of fairy tales, where only getting to the end of the story allows them to escape!

The directors along with Ned Vessey (Graduate Assistant to Drama) and Alastair Harrison (Assistant Head of English) and the pupils themselves have created a script which we hope showcases the boundless energy and enthusiasm of the pupils and the endless versatility of fairy tales, whilst also providing a satisfying story.

However, choosing to create a performance like this is not without its challenges, and it has tested the cast members in ways they may not have previously experienced in drama before. They have often had to improvise lines of dialogue, meaning they have had to think swiftly under pressure and adapt to the many changes the script has undergone. They have had to work as a team during the improvisation process, listening to one another’s ideas and offering constructive feedback when necessary. Ultimately, they have also been pushed out of their comfort zones, not only due to the ephemeral nature of the script, but also in creating the big and bold characters that this comedic show requires.

It has been a real pleasure to create, and we hope you can derive just as much pleasure from watching it performed.

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