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Online Services for parents

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Berkhamsted Parent Portal

On our secure portal, you have access to a host of information relating to your child/ren, which adapts as they progress through the school. Using the one-stop dashboard at any time to suit you, you can instantly access all relevant links and information including Reports, Timetables, Teaching Groups, Attendance and School Information.

Parent Portal

Is there an app?

No need. The Berkhamsted Parent Portal uses fully responsive web application technology which means that when viewed on either a mobile or tablet device’s browser, you will always experience optimal viewing with easy reading and navigation. To gain easy access, we recommended adding the Berkhamsted Parent Portal as a shortcut on your device.

If you haven’t activated your account yet, here’s a step-by-step guide for gaining access to the new portal;

The first step to activating your account is to create a password and entering your email address.

After clicking Request Password you will be sent an email to this address, which may go into your junk/spam mailbox. Follow the instructions in the email to create your new password for the portal.

You can then navigate and login to the portal and entering your email address and newly created password.