Pre-Prep Admissions

At Berkhamsted Pre-Prep, we ignite a passion for learning from the very beginning of an exceptional educational journey through our School

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Why choose Berkhamsted Pre-Prep?

Parents choose Berkhamsted Pre-Prep because it possesses a warm and nurturing family atmosphere without compromising on high standards of education and behaviour.

We give every child at Berkhamsted Pre-Prep the best possible start to their education.

A wealth of learning opportunities challenge our students, encouraging them to develop not only their knowledge but also the skills and aptitudes that will allow them to question, debate, collaborate and problem solve from a very young age.

Through our excellent pastoral care we encourage pupils to build positive relationships, learning to socialise and work with each other and teaching them that kindness and respect are qualities that are embraced and celebrated.

Pupils are taught that it is equally as important to learn to fail as well as to succeed. We encourage their natural curiosity and passion for learning, laying the foundations that will allow them to make the most of the opportunities available to them as they progress to Berkhamsted Prep.


How to apply

Prospective Berkhamsted Pre-Prep pupils may be registered for admission at any time after their birth and ideally a full year before the desired date of admission.

Registration takes place by completing the registration form that is included with the prospectus information pack and sending this along with a registration fee of £100 to:

The Admissions Manager
Overton House
131 High Street


Open Events and Visits

We hold Open Events at Berkhamsted Pre-Prep every Spring and Autumn, giving prospective parents the opportunity to find out more about what we offer at the School.

Discover the upcoming opportunities to visit our School:

Learn more

If you’d like to visit Berkhamsted Pre-Prep, please contact our Central Admissions Office to discuss arranging a tour.

Book a visit online or call Admissions on 01442 358001.

Entry requirements

Entry to Berkhamsted Pre-Prep is usually into our School Nursery year, Stepping Stones (3+). It is expected that children will have the necessary social and developmental skills to be able to access the Early Years curriculum. This will be assessed during a meeting with the Headteacher (including those from Berkhamsted Day Nursery).

For those seeking admission within Key Stage One at Berkhamsted Pre-Prep (Reception to Year 1), we would expect children to have the necessary social and developmental skills to be able to access the curriculum provision for EYFS and early Key Stage One. Informal age appropriate assessments will be arranged if spaces are available.  Reference will be made to previous assessments and school reports for children seeking entrance at 5+ (Year 1).

For those seeking admission at 6+ (Year 2), children will be invited to attend an informal assessment day at the Pre-Prep. The assessment day will be made up as follows:

  • Tests in English and Mathematics which are designed to be appropriate for children working within the National Curriculum programmes of study for Key Stage 1.

A progress report from your child’s current school will be requested before places are formally allocated.

School uniform

The full school uniform and sports kit list for Berkhamsted Pre-Prep can be found below.

Nursery, Stepping Stones and Reception

Year 1 and Year 2

School Uniform Suppliers

Schoolblazer – new uniform and sports kit for Berkhamsted Pre-Prep, Berkhamsted Prep, Berkhamsted Girls, Berkhamsted Boys and Berkhamsted Sixth. Schoolblazer also runs a service at Berkhamsted School where parents can book an appointment to enable their children to try on items of uniform. The Schoolblazer office is located on the Ground Floor of 6 Chesham Road, Berkhamsted, HP4 3AA.

Please email if you wish to book an appointment.

Second Hand Shops

The School Second Hand Shop is located at 26 Castle Street, Berkhamsted. The Shop is run by volunteers and enables parents to sell items of uniform that their child can no longer use but are still in good condition. Proceeds of any items sold – minus a small contribution to School funds – are returned to parents via the School accounts system.

Opening Times

Tuesdays (term-time only) 14:00 – 17:00


Contributing stock
Before you bring any uniform to the Shop, please ensure it is spotlessly clean with all the buttons etc. attached.  Please attach a slip with your child’s name and year group to enable it to be processed correctly.

The shop stocks uniform bought from Schoolblazer and is no longer accepting white shirts/blouses, grey trousers, navy jumpers or Prep blazers with sewn on badges.  The Shop is also no longer accepting or selling second-hand swim wear unless it is brand new and with the tags on.

The Shop is now stocking a limited amount of NEW Schoolblazer kit, at Schoolblazer prices.  These items include hoodies, games socks, ties, swim hats, rugby shirts, rugby shorts, girls running shorts and swim wear.

Due to a recent logo change we are selling second hand items featuring the old logo for a limited period only.  Items school uniform with the new logo will be available through School Blazer from the end June 2018.


All second hand items are priced at 50% (or less) of Schoolblazer prices.

When selling, proceeds of any items sold are deducted from your next term’s account.  When buying, the cost of any items purchased are added to the next term’s account, fully itemised so they can be identified easily.

If items are unsold after two years or not fit for sale, we will pass them onto charities for use overseas.


Request a Prospectus

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