Physical Education

Developing character and resilience – good for the mind, body and spirit.

Our philosophy to teaching Sport at Berkhamsted Pre-Prep is based on fostering an enjoyment of sports and physical activity in each child that will lead to a healthy lifestyle and continued participation in sports, throughout their time at our school and beyond into their adult life.

Sport encourages a resilient, motivated and adventurous spirit and when these qualities are practised on the sports field, we see this mentality reflected in the classroom.

Our approach to teaching physical education is centered around the ABC approach, teaching the children the basics of agility, balance and coordination. We aim to give our pupils the foundations of physical literacy and development using specialist PE teaching which begins in our Stepping Stones Nursery class.


A variety of Activities

Children take part in a variety of activities which promote their agility, balance and coordination from ball skills and Gymnastics to Dance, Athletics and Swimming (in Year 1 and 2).

Parents are invited to attend our annual Sports Activity Day towards the end of the year when the children compete in their House teams for the prized Pre-Prep Sports Day House cup.

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Open Event

Our next Pre-Prep Open Event is on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 September 2023

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As dreamy country schools go, the pre-prep is right up there, while the prep – a five minute drive away – is much bigger and so urban it could almost be London.

Staff share an ambitious vision, with high expectations for what all children can achieve and ensure that high standards of learning and care are delivered.

Inside, the emphasis on teaching and learning, as well as cross-curricular, is evident from the glass-covered noticeboards alone – among the largest and most comprehensive we’ve seen.

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