Joining Berkhamsted Prep


How to apply

Prospective Berkhamsted Prep pupils may be registered for admission at any time after their birth and ideally a full year before the desired date of admission.

Registration takes place by completing the registration form using the link below along with a registration fee.


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Entry requirements

We will invite all children seeking admission to Berkhamsted Prep from 7+ (Year 3) to attend appropriate entry assessments (excluding those children currently attending Berkhamsted Pre-Prep). The entrance assessment at 7+ to 10+ for entry to Berkhamsted Prep is made up as follows:

  • A morning of tests in English and Mathematics which take place in mid October
  • A group interview with the Head and/or Deputy Head

The tests are age-standardised and are appropriate for children working through the National Curriculum programmes of study in Key Stage 2.

A progress report from your child’s current school will be requested before places are formally allocated.


Changes to our Prep Admissions

Changes to Year 5 intake from 2023

Secondly, we will be limiting the number of pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 to four forms (currently we offer 5 forms in these age groups) from 2023 onwards, with a maximum of 22 pupils in each form. The Prep School will therefore have 80-88 children in each of the year groups which will reduce the maximum size of the school to about 335 pupils – and give these children a little more space too.

One of the effects of this change is that the Year 5 entry point in 2023 reduced to a very small number. These actions are intended to make sure we can continue to provide for, and develop, each child as an individual, and provide them with a school experience which combines outstanding development of character and intellect, sector leading pastoral care and a day-to-day school environment which is equally excellent. These changes will help us to invest further in our pupils’ quality of experience.

Changes to Entry Assessment for 2025

We will not require Berkhamsted Prep pupils entering our Senior Schools to take any entrance exams from the 2025 Year 7 entry onwards: this affects pupils in Year 3 in September 2021, and following years.

Please do not hesitate to contact our admissions department should you have any further questions on  01442 358001 or at