School Life

Berkhamsted Prep pupils achieve their potential because of their highly positive attitude to learning. Our exemplary pastoral care means your child will feel happy, secure and well-cared-for

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We offer an enjoyable yet challenging experience to every pupil, enabling them to develop into confident, ambitious and motivated students who are equipped with the skills they will need to succeed in the next stage of their educational journey.

Our pupils embrace every activity on offer to them – whether curricular, physical or creative – with a passion and determination which is tremendous to observe.

Pupils achieve their potential due to their highly positive, adventurous attitude to learning. Our exemplary pastoral care means your child will feel happy, secure and well cared for throughout their time with us.

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Supporting academic progress and development

Every pupil has a Form Teacher, whose primary role is to support each child’s development throughout the academic year. Our Form Teachers are supported by a Head of Year who monitors the day-to-day academic and pastoral progress of the children.

Our subject teaching staff provide feedback to the Form Teachers throughout the year to ensure that a holistic view of each child’s performance in school is being obtained.

This process is overseen by our Head of Pastoral Care and our Deputy Head who meet regularly with the Heads of Year and the Headteacher to discuss how the children are progressing in all areas of school life. There is also a network of other staff working on each campus to support our pupils’ needs including our Chaplaincy team, Nurses and a trained team of counsellors.

These members of staff can be contacted at any time in order to discuss your child’s wellbeing.

Starting at Berkhamsted Prep

Pupils move on from Berkhamsted Pre-Prep to the next stage of their education at Berkhamsted Prep at the age of 7.

Children start at Berkhamsted Prep in our Michaelmas (Autumn) term in September. Before they start at Berkhamsted Prep, pupils are invited to attend a new pupils’ morning, which is normally held in June.

Here they will meet their Form Teacher who will take them to their classroom for some activities and talk to them and their new classmates about life at the School.

Children will attend an assembly and stay with us for lunch which will help them gain a feel for their new environment, ensuring they are happy and confident ahead of them starting with us full-time in September.

We aim to ensure that every pupil is happy, confident and secure, with the skills to be increasingly independent and resilient through this new stage of their education.

Moving to Senior School

We understand that the transition from Berkhamsted Prep to Senior School is one of the most important steps in your child’s education, which is key to their future success and happiness.

We are here to offer you guidance on choosing the right school for your child and there are ample opportunities to discuss this with us.

The Headteachers of Berkhamsted Boys and Berkhamsted Girls host an annual meeting for the parents of our Year 6 pupils ahead of their entrance assessments.

Throughout this meeting you can discuss your child’s entry to Senior School, the transfer process, our Scholarship Awards and the range of activities and specialist resources available to pupils at Berkhamsted Boys and Berkhamsted Girls.

Pupils flourish at our Senior Schools, benefiting from our ‘diamond’ educational structure which provides same-sex academic lessons combined with co-curricular subjects, clubs and events.

We believe our approach ensures academic excellence, whilst providing pupils with essential opportunities to socialise with their peers.

Entry Assessments

All Year 6 pupils take the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) Common Pre-Test in October.

Their results are published by half-term, ensuring pupils are able to secure a place at their chosen school early in the academic year. The assessment process is administered entirely by our Senior Schools.

For further details on Year 6 entry assessments and the transfer process, please refer to our Progression Policy.

The Parent Partnership

Our pupils’ wellbeing and happiness relies on a strong partnership with parents and school so that we both work together for their success.

At Berkhamsted we support our students throughout any setbacks, worry or disappointments they have to face. The care we provide means that they leave us as resilient, self-assured and independent young people.

This partnership is particularly needed to provide support and advice within today’s fast-moving world, with continuous changes in technology and in social media.

Our Parent Talks and Courses programme reinforces the relationship between home and school, allowing staff and parents to discuss the issues facing young people today.

Our Facilities


Pupils at Berkhamsted Prep benefit from access to superb facilities which cater exclusively to Key Stage Two education.

Prep facilities include specialist areas for teaching Music, French, Science, ICT and Design Technology, alongside the well-equipped 500-seat Centenary Theatre on our Kings Campus, which hosts professional music and drama productions throughout the school year.

Sports facilities for Prep students include two tennis courts, an outdoor teaching area and three Eton Fives Courts, plus access to the 25m indoor heated swimming pool and sports hall at the Knox-Johnston Sports Centre and extensive playing fields covering over 40 acres, including the School’s own Haslam Field.

The House System

Central to life at Berkhamsted Prep, our Houses provide each student with a sense of belonging, developing their self-confidence.

The children are allocated to one of six Houses, comprising of pupils from Year 3 to Year 6.

Our Houses also provide an environment for cooperation and competition, with Inter-House competitions, music, quizzes, Art and sport. Pupils also regularly fundraise for charity within their House.

Wrap Around Care

Flexible childcare options, morning and after school 

We provide a high standard of flexible Wrap Around Care outside of core school hours. We offer Wrap Around Care from 07:30 to 18:00 for children during term-time.

We understand that there will be times when flexibility is required. If your working hours or other commitments mean you need your child to be cared for beyond the school day, you can rest assured that they are well taken care of either before school, after school or both.

With our Wrap Around Care facility, we aim to create a family experience before and after the standard school day. Our pupils lead busy lives and we believe it is very important that they have the chance to relax.

Wrap Around Care provides a ‘home at school’ experience which is much enjoyed by those who attend. Activities are chosen by the children, with some doing their homework and others playing games, drawing or working on a creative activity. If they prefer, they can simply choose to watch television.

Each Wrap Around Care session is charged by a credit which can vary, depending if your child attends an after school club.

Credits are purchased as bundles to allow for a discounted rate for large bookings.  For information on pricing of the credits please see the WAC charge section on our FEES’ SHEET.

Wrap Around Care bookings can be made on a termly or weekly basis, with late bookings subject to availability.


During the school holidays you can book your children on to a number of activity camps run at BASECAMP.

BASECAMP offers a number of different courses for children aged 3-11 years including multi-activity, cookery, sports, Lego and arts & crafts.

Wrap Around Care is also available at BASECAMP, running from 08:00 to 18:00.

For more information or to book a camp, please visit: