Wellbeing & Pastoral Care

Our exemplary pastoral care means your child will feel happy, secure and well-cared-for.

Berkhamsted Prep pupils achieve their potential because of their highly positive attitude to learning.

We offer an enjoyable yet challenging experience to every pupil, enabling them to develop into confident, ambitious and motivated students who are equipped with the skills they will need to succeed in the next stage of their educational journey.

Our pupils embrace every activity on offer to them – whether curricular, physical or creative – with a passion and determination which is tremendous to observe.

Pupils achieve their potential due to their highly positive, adventurous attitude to learning. Our exemplary pastoral care means your child will feel happy, secure and well cared for throughout their time with us.

Supporting academic progress and development

Pastoral Care

Every pupil has a Form Teacher, whose primary role is to support each child’s development throughout the academic year. Our Form Teachers are supported by a Head of Year who monitors the day-to-day academic and pastoral progress of the children.

Our subject teaching staff provide feedback to the Form Teachers throughout the year to ensure that a holistic view of each child’s performance in school is being obtained.

This process is overseen by our Head of Pastoral Care and our Deputy Head who meet regularly with the Heads of Year and the Headteacher to discuss how the children are progressing in all areas of school life. There is also a network of other staff working on each campus to support our pupils’ needs including our Chaplaincy team, Nurses and a trained team of counsellors.

These members of staff can be contacted at any time in order to discuss your child’s wellbeing.