Berkhamsted Group, Sixth Form | 11.05.2022

Revision Event: Politics A-Level

Revision Event: Politics A-Level

In advance of A-Level exams, Berkhamsted Sixth students who are taking the Politics A-Level gathered in the Careers Library on Castle Campus for a newly formed revision class.

This Political Ideologies event, pioneered by Greg Anker and Anna Dickson, was delivered mainly by graduate teaching assistant Tobias Gerrard-Anderson, “This event has been planned for some time, but because of corona virus we were unable to deliver but we hope now it can become a regular event. This week is the last week where Year 13 will be in school and it’s designed to help the students revise in a collaborative setting.”

Mr Gerrard-Anderson in deep discussion with one of the groups

The event was a mixture of PowerPoint scenarios that the students could access from their tablets whilst written notes were still encouraged as a result of the collaboration with their small groups.

“The purpose of the event is to break up pupils into ideology strands and political positions and form a relevant response to a series of social and economical case studies. Living through their given ideological position, the groups will be asked to feedback their arguments in front of the class. It helps them think on their feet and learn through each other.”

An example of the revision process, physical notes and tablet documents

Case studies included the current energy crisis, rising crime rates, solving the gender pay gap, migration and devolution.

Following the event, students were asked to provide feedback about the class with answers to the question, “What was the most useful part of the event?”

Responses confirmed that students thought hearing different perspectives, a good range of real life political issues, group discussion and the details of each political strand really aided their revision process.

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