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A Christian Foundation

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Historically our Christian Foundation derives from the founding of the School in 1541 by John Incent, Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral.

We are reminded of this foundation by the physical presence of the Chapels at Castle and Kings and the personal presence of the Chaplain. Faith, prayer, thanksgiving and the worship of God have been part of the tradition of the School from its beginning. To be true to our Christian Foundation, we strive to be a community in which this ethos continues to be an important feature, and this is embodied in regular chapel services, house assemblies and confirmation classes. Our aim is to give young people the opportunity to embrace these values in order to serve others as they leave school and go into the wider world.

Some Berkhamstedians are members of other faiths and every consideration is given to their needs, but parents of prospective pupils should bear in mind that all pupils attend Chapel as part of the school week.