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Sixth News: LinkedIn Learning

Sixth News: LinkedIn Learning

Berkhamsted Sixth is excited to announce the launch of a new partnership with LinkedIn Learning, providing students with a superb opportunity to develop their employability skills and prepare for the world beyond school. This partnership will see Berkhamsted Sixth become the first school in the UK to sign up all its Sixth Formers to LinkedIn Learning’s online platform. It has been driven by Berkhamsted Sixth’s ongoing vision of providing students with an experience that helps to bridge the gap between school, university and the world of work.

With over 35 million LinkedIn users in the UK and over 900 million in the world, LinkedIn has become the primary professional social media platform, with people aged 25 – 34 accounting for 59.1% of LinkedIn users. Meanwhile 80% of universities in the UK use LinkedIn Learning. It is therefore highly likely that today’s A Level students will use LinkedIn after school, for both their education and to find employment. Berkhamsted Sixth’s partnership with LinkedIn Learning will help students to develop their understanding of LinkedIn, and to enjoy a wide range of specialist courses that will enrich their educational experience.

In addition, the 18, 500 courses that Berkhamsted Sixth students will have access to through LinkedIn Learning will help to develop their asynchronous learning and self-steering skills. With courses focused on four key areas – “Business”, “Technology”, “Creative” and “Certification” – students will have plenty of opportunity for enrichment alongside their A Level studies. Examples of courses that students will be able to access include:

  • Financial Basics Everyone Should Know
  • The Business Case for Creativity
  • Leading without Formal Authority
  • How to Support Colleagues from Underrepresented Groups
  • Developing your Emotional Intelligence
  • Excel: Lookup Functions in Depth
  • HTML Essential Training
  • Learning Personal Branding
  • Programming Foundations: Databases
  • Strategic Thinking
The partnership with LinkedIn Learning will add to the exciting range of opportunities at Berkhamsted Sixth which help to bridge the gap between school and the worlds of further study or professional life.


The opportunity for students to access LinkedIn Learning will form a valuable part of the skills programme and will sit alongside the one-to-one coaching system and a wide range of enrichment and leadership of activities offered by Berkhamsted Sixth. In addition, we are looking forward to the new Sixth Form building (aiming for completion in Autumn 2024) to also provide a physical environment that has been designed to make the transition to university or the world of work an easier one having spent time in rooms more akin to a boardroom than a classroom.  These will combine to create an environment at Berkhamsted Sixth’s that is a dynamic, stimulating environment for students that bridges the gap between school and further study or the professional world.

Miss Dickson, who will be one of three new Assistant Heads of Sixth from September 2023 and who has led the development of this partnership, commented that “our collaboration with LinkedIn is an exciting new element of our ongoing commitment to support Sixth Form pupils in bridging the gap between school and their future world of work. The LinkedIn Learning Experience Platform (LXP) empowers individuals to self-steer through different learning paths on offer, building skillsets beyond the classroom. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to get a head start on experiencing how best to utilise the LinkedIn platform before entering formal employment in their next chapters.”


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