Sixth Form Admissions

At Berkhamsted Sixth we aim to develop our students into adventurous, innovative and motivated young adults, who are compassionate and resilient

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Why choose Berkhamsted Sixth?

We equip our students with the skills they need to rise to the challenges of the modern and ever-changing world, succeeding at university or thriving on an apprenticeship scheme, either of which can prepare them for a fulfilling career.

Berkhamsted Sixth has a strong academic focus, yet we also believe that opportunities and experiences beyond the curriculum are just as crucial for students’ future success and happiness.

How to apply

Please complete the request a prospectus form if you wish to receive a prospectus.

Prospective pupils may be registered for admission at any time after birth. Registrations should ideally be received at least a full calendar year preceding the desired date of admission to benefit from all communications relating to the next admissions cycle.

Registration takes place by completing the UK REGISTRATION FORM that is included with the prospectus information pack, and sending this along with a registration fee of £100 to the Admissions Manager (Overton House, 131 High Street, Berkhamsted, HP4 2DJ).

International applicants should complete the Registration Form (International).

Admissions Timetables

Registrations are open for September 2020 entries and beyond.

Open Events and Visits

We hold Open Events at Berkhamsted Sixth every Autumn, giving prospective students and their parents the opportunity to find out more about what we offer at the School.

Discover our next Open Events and opportunities to visit our School:


It is also possible to visit the School at other times of year. If you would like to visit Berkhamsted Sixth, please contact our Central Admissions Office to discuss arranging a tour.

BOOK A VISIT online or call Admissions on 01442 358001.



Entry requirements

In view of national changes to public examinations in 2017, students will receive a mixture of letter and number GCSE grades. Students require 43 points across their best 8 GCSE subjects in order to gain admission to Berkhamsted Sixth.

All applicants to the Sixth are asked to complete a verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning test and to attend an interview with a senior member of staff, normally the Head of Sixth, the Principal or Deputy Head of Sixth. A reference from the prospective student’s current school is also required.

Progression to Year 13 depends on satisfactory attainment in Year 12, as determined by the student’s performance in the end of year examinations. Work ethic, discipline record and contribution to the wider life of the School are also taken into account.

Overseas students, once registered, are required to sit entrance tests in English, Maths and the subjects they wish to study at A Level under exam conditions at the nearest British Council office, through a recognised partner agent, or at their current school. A reference from the student’s current school is also required.

Details of our Curriculum Statement can be read here

For your understanding and translation of Grades from the old to the new system, equivalence has been set as follows for any unreformed qualifications (i.e. those with lettered Grade):

A*=8, A=7, B=6, C=5, D=4, E=3

How will these changes affect entrance requirements for Berkhamsted Sixth?

The threshold for general entry to Berkhamsted Sixth will be 43 points (using the conversion to numbers based on the above scale where necessary) based on the student’s best 8 subject scores, with a B or Grade 6 in the subjects you wish to study.

All students who have taken GCSE/iGCSE will require a minimum of Grade 4 in GCSE Maths and English Language for entry to the school. In addition to the general entrance requirements outlines above, there are specific admission requirements relating to certain courses. Further details of these requirements can be found in our A Level Curriculum Guide – please ask for further details.

Scholarships and Bursaries

We award Scholarships and Awards on merit to pupils whom we wish to attract to Berkhamsted because of the contribution they are able to make to school life, be that academic, dramatic, musical, sporting, creative or as potential leaders.

The Scholarship value is usually 10% of the tuition fees. Higher awards may be given and are usually means-tested. Exhibitions may also be awarded for music and drama. Further details are available in the INFORMATION BOOKLET 

All awards may be varied at the absolute discretion of the Principal.

Where there is a demonstrated need, additional means-tested funding may be available to those awarded Scholarships.

More information about Scholarships


School Uniform

The full school uniform and sports kit list for Sixth can be found below.

Sixth Form Uniform List – Girls 

Sixth Form Uniform List – Boys




School Uniform Suppliers

Schoolblazer – new uniform and sports kit for Berkhamsted Pre-Prep, Berkhamsted Prep, Berkhamsted Girls, Berkhamsted Boys and Berkhamsted Sixth. Schoolblazer also runs a service at Berkhamsted School where parents can book an appointment to enable their children to try on items of uniform. The Schoolblazer office is located on the Ground Floor of 6 Chesham Road, Berkhamsted, HP4 3AA.

Please email if you wish to book an appointment.

Second Hand Shops

The School Second Hand Shop is located at 26 Castle Street, Berkhamsted. The Shop is run by volunteers and enables parents to sell items of uniform that their child can no longer use but are still in good condition. Proceeds of any items sold – minus a small contribution to School funds – are returned to parents via the School accounts system.

Opening Times

Tuesdays (term-time only) 14:00 – 17:00


Contributing stock
Before you bring any uniform to the Shop, please ensure it is spotlessly clean with all the buttons etc. attached.  Please attach a slip with your child’s name and year group to enable it to be processed correctly.

The shop stocks uniform bought from Schoolblazer and is no longer accepting white shirts/blouses, grey trousers, navy jumpers or Prep blazers with sewn on badges.  The Shop is also no longer accepting or selling second-hand swim wear unless it is brand new and with the tags on.

The Shop is now stocking a limited amount of NEW Schoolblazer kit, at Schoolblazer prices.  These items include hoodies, games socks, ties, swim hats, rugby shirts, rugby shorts, girls running shorts and swim wear.

Due to a recent logo change we are selling second hand items featuring the old logo for a limited period only.  Items school uniform with the new logo will be available through School Blazer from the end June 2018.


All second hand items are priced at 50% (or less) of Schoolblazer prices.

When selling, proceeds of any items sold are deducted from your next term’s account.  When buying, the cost of any items purchased are added to the next term’s account, fully itemised so they can be identified easily.

If items are unsold after two years or not fit for sale, we will pass them onto charities for use overseas.


Request a Prospectus

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