The composition of Berkhamsted Sixth includes students who have moved up from within Berkhamsted School (Berkhamsted Girls and Berkhamsted Boys), students who have transferred from a range of schools across the region, and a number of international students.

iGCSEs and GCSEs are migrating to the new numerical system at different times, thus students who have taken these exams who are entering Berkhamsted Sixth in 2018  will have a mix of numerical and lettered grades. For your understanding and translation of grades from the old to the new system, equivalence has been set as follows:

A*=8, A=7, B=6, C=5, D=4, E=3 will continue to be used in the transitional years for unreformed qualifications 

How will these changes affect entrance requirements for Berkhamsted Sixth?

The threshold for general entry to Berkhamsted Sixth in September 2018 will be 43 points (using the conversion to numbers based on the above scale where necessary) based on the student’s best 8 subject scores, with a B or Grade 6 in the subjects you wish to study.

All students who have taken GCSE/iGCSE will require a minimum of Grade 4 in GCSE Maths for entry to the school and Grade C in English Language for entry to the school in 2018. In addition to the general entrance requirements outlines above, there are specific admission requirements relating to certain courses:

  • An A or Grade 7 in the relevant subject at GCSE/ iGCSE is required to study the following subjects at A-level: Mathematics, English Literature, History, Modern Languages, Latin, Sciences.
  • Further Mathematics requires an A* or Grade 8/9 at GCSE
  • Economics requires at least an A or Grade 7 in either GCSE English or Mathematics with a minimum of a B or Grade 6 in the other subject.
  • Psychology requires at least an A or Grade 7 in GCSE Biology or an AA in Double Award Science, with an A overall in the Biology modules. A minimum of B or Grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics and English Language are also required.
  • For Physical Education at least a B grade is required in Biology at GCSE.

On application, we ask you and your parents or guardian to attend an interview with the Headmaster of Berkhamsted Sixth at which your future study programme is discussed. A reference from your current school is also required.