Berkhamsted Group, Boys, Girls, Heatherton, Prep | 13.10.2022

The Egg Drop Challenge

The Egg Drop Challenge

Ahead of joining Berkhamsted Senior Boys and Girls Schools, Year 6 pupils from Berkhamsted Prep and Heatherton were invited to meet the Learning Support Department and work collaboratively in teams with Years 7 and 8 for an exciting “Egg Drop Challenge”.

This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) event, led by Lynne Chambers, Specialist Learning Support Teacher of Science, was judged by distinguished Physicist Clive Lester. A key aim of the event was to encourage the pupils involved to consider STEM subjects as options in the future, as these typically attract fewer individuals with SEN (Special Education Needs).

Clive with Group 4


The pupils used both their creativity and problem-solving skills to build a structure that would allow a hard-boiled egg to safely drop from the balcony of the Knox-Johnson Sports Centre without cracking. With a selection of materials that included paper, plastic bags, toilet rolls, string and rubber bands. The pupils also had to consider their budget when designing their structures.

A range of structures were designed by the pupils, with some keeping their egg cargo more intact than others! The final decision, based on the condition of egg, structure design, keeping under budget and excellent teamwork went to Group 4.

The winning team!

The benefits of the challenge for the pupils were clear; it aimed to build their confidence levels, helped them work effectively as part of a team, and encouraged them to learn about the importance of making connections between different STEM subjects. It was also great fun for the pupils involved.

Mrs Chambers commented: “As STEM industries are continually growing and evolving, it is important as a STEM teacher to develop creativity, independent thinking and problem-solving skills in our pupils. By hosting STEM events for our SEN pupils we can bridge the gap between the classroom and real life.”

All the pupils involved should be proud of their efforts and what they achieved. Special thanks to Clive Lester, Lynne Chambers, Andy Ford, the Learning Support Department and the Physics Department involved for what was a highly successful STEM event.

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