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Togetherness and resilience have seen this cohort achieve success: GCSE Results 2021

Togetherness and resilience have seen this cohort achieve success: GCSE Results 2021

Berkhamsted’s Year 11 have again shown true resilience and strength of character by achieving remarkable results.  The GCSE (and A Level) results have yet again been plagued with much turmoil and uncertainty on a national level which our pupils have responded to with positivity and determination to not let this affect their ambitions. 

It is these characteristics that will ensure this cohort will succeed beyond today’s exam results; displaying the values and character traits so strongly associated with Berkhamsted’s students. 

2021 GCSE Results  

Grade  9  8  7  6  5  4 
Total 568 417 412 309 131 40
RAW %  30.3  22.2  21.9  16.5  7.0  2.1
Cumulative %  30.3  52.5  74.4  90.9  97.9  100.0

How were the results determined?

In early 2021, the government Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) announced new plans for determining the GCSE exam results 2021. 

Today, GCSE students have received results based on their centre assessed performance. 

Schools were asked to submit their assessment of each student earlier this summer in place of the cancelled 2021 exams. The results will now reflect student’s performances in mock exams and other related assessments. 

More information can be found here

Positive outlook for September

Richard Backhouse, Berkhamsted Schools Group Principal said “We are confident that today’s results will see the end of the recent turmoil.  With the Government and Ofqual causing uncertainty behind them, students should now be able to make firm plans for the next academic year and start their Sixth Form studies which fresh confidence for a steadier path ahead.  

“I am proud of how the Berkhamsted Schools Group has stood together throughout this pandemic and created an environment in which our students could continue to flourish as individuals and develop many life skills which will see this generation bring a strength of character traits to the workplace.” 


Throughout the pandemic the Berkhamsted Schools Group has taken pride in the sense of ‘togetherness’ that our community has seen with the support of colleagues, pupils, governors and parents alike.  This strength has ensured that the education provided by Berkhamsted during such challenging times has been outstanding and we are proud of our Year 11 cohort who have demonstrated the outcome of the benefits that the community strength has provided in their results and fantastic academic achievements. 

Link to our video of ‘Togetherness’ 

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