Berkhamsted Group | 13.08.2020

Versatility and resilience will see students go on to great success following the 2020 A Level results

Versatility and resilience will see students go on to great success following the 2020 A Level results

A safe, socially distant A Level results day in 2020 may not produce the typical celebratory scenes, nonetheless Berkhamsted students have every reason to commemorate their achievements today.

Community strength during Covid-19 adversity

When the school opened digitally on 23 March, a combined effort of the students, staff and parents made the continuation of learning possible. Whilst we eagerly awaited further Government updates to the announcement of the cancellation of examinations on 18 March, we focused our time and efforts on a study programme designed to help the Sixth Form students enhance and develop skills they would need for the next stage in their educational/vocational/professional journey.

A Level Results Overview

Berkhamsted is very proud of this year’s leavers, not just for the results they have achieved but for the resilience, determination, and positive attitude they have shown throughout this year.

  A* A B C D E U
No. of students 132.5 183 181 70 21 2 0
Percentage 22.5% 31.0% 30.7% 11.9% 3.6% 0.3% 0.0%
Cumulative 22.5% 53.5% 84.2% 96.1% 99.7% 100.0% 100.0%

Updated 19 August 2020

How were the results determined?

The Government Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) asked schools to assess students in place of the cancelled 2020 exams.  More information

Berkhamsted’s Principal, Mr Richard Backhouse, stated “This diligent cohort continued to aim high, with their learning and served each other by supporting their peers throughout this unprecedented timeThe wellbeing of our students is a high priority for us, and never more so than during this pandemic.  With stress being an acknowledged contributor to poor mental health, the lack of clarity and certainty provided by Government and Ofqual has been both unwelcome and unreasonable.  Sixth Form pastoral staffthe school counsellors and chaplaincy will continue to provide this cohort with support and guidance that they need and deserve. 

Beyond the curriculum

It may seem a while ago since the school gates were open, but the memories of the 2019/20 year have not been forgotten 

Year 13 have truly been instrumental in shaping the Sixth Form culture for the better. They have championed study skills, excelled in both achievement on the sporting fields and in developing and encouraging all those who take part to feel part of the community. They have shone on the Music and Drama stages and have participated in a staggering amount of Young Enterprise, Community Service , CCF and Duke of Edinburgh initiatives over the course of their time at Berkhamsted. This year’s volunteering program had tremendous uptake. Year 13 also undertook a considerable amount of mentoring of younger students, forging stronger and more purposeful relationships between the Schools which was delightful to see.   

Reflections of Berkhamsted by our Senior Prefects

Sense of togetherness  

Martin Walker, Head of Berkhamsted Sixth said “Students in 2020 have displayed flexibility and adaptability, resourcefulness and resilience like never before.  They have embodied the School Values, committed to the curriculum and engaged with school life.   

There is no doubt that our Year 13 leavers have been consistently impressiveIt was incredibly moving to see their positivity, their sense of school spirit and their gratitude in school during such challenging times – setting the tone for our younger pupils and leading by example. 

“We believe that this exceptional year group would have achieved even better results than those that they have been awarded and are making an appeal to try to ensure that the students get the grades that they deserve. However, we also know that the examination results only reflect one part of School life – the quality and breadth of this year group’s contributions in so many other areas have been striking. We are extremely proud of them all and wish them all the very best for the next step. 

Richard Backhouse, Berkhamsted Schools Group Principal said “This generation of Berkhamsted students have excelled yet again. They give us reason to believe they can continue to grow, develop and do even better in the future.  

Thank you to staff

I’d like to thank our staff for going the extra mile to help the students with their learning and for their pastoral care, providing a glimpse of normality through the routines and rhythms of school life, even remotely.   

We look forward to a time when it is safe for our Year 13 leavers to come together and celebrate their achievements In time to come, this cohort will inevitably go on to great success in further education and in the world of work.  We will welcome them all into to our community of Old Berkhamstedians, connecting the school with recent leavers and past alumnus alike.  

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