Berkhamsted Group, Boys, Girls | 24.06.2024

Year 10 leadership group raise money for WeSeeHope

Year 10 leadership group raise money for WeSeeHope

As part of Berkhamsted’s Societies and Leadership Group, our Year 10s recently used their entrepreneurial skills while Serving Others to raise money for WeSeeHope (a charity committed to sustainable change for vulnerable children across East Africa).  

Led by Mr Kerr-Shaw and Mr Hatt, the leadership group fosters the character traits of teamwork, social intelligence, and creativity in pupils, preparing them to make a positive impact both now and in the future.  

Pupils were challenged to work in groups to use 30 pounds of seed capital to invest in their own creative business ideas. The money raised will help the charity increase education access for children in East Africa, improve children’s rights, and economically empower families and entire communities living in poverty. 

Drawing on the knowledge learned from leadership classes on why businesses fail, how to be a confident leader, and how to work as a team, the girls considered important entrepreneurial questions like: ‘What is your Unique Selling Point?’ ‘How will you source your products?’, and ‘Who is your target market?’ 

After reflecting on these questions, the pupils used their creativity and teamwork skills to brainstorm some exciting business ventures that had their peers flocking to their stalls during break time. One group sold cakes, another painted nails, while the final group sold lolly pops to quench their peers’ thirst in the summer heat!  

Not only did pupils learn the value of serving others, but they gained valuable business and leadership skills in the process- developing them into well-rounded and remarkable changemakers. 

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