Berkhamsted Group | 14.03.2017

Year 11 Pupil Emily Noithip completes Music Diploma

Year 11 Pupil Emily Noithip completes Music Diploma
Much like architects, accountants and scientists, a Year 11 student at Berkhamsted Girls has earned the right to have a professional title after her name: Emily Noithip ‘DipABRSM.’
Emily, the cellist extraordinaire has completed her Diploma award, which the Royal Schools of Music places two levels above grade 8 and is normally attempted by students of at least university age and experience.  
After Joe Beadle’s award earlier this year, Emily is the latest Berkhamsted pupil to reach an exceptional level. She becomes the first pupil at Berkhamsted Girls to achieve a music diploma, and the honours board displayed in Centenary Theatre will soon have to be adapted to accommodate her award. 

The honours board currently lists the many talented pupils who have achieved grade 8 qualifications since 2008/09, Emily is uniquely credited for reaching this level while still studying at Berkhamsted Prep School in Year 6! 

Girls – Best Soloist (Wolstenholme) from BerkhamstedSchoolsGroupVideo on Vimeo.

Emily had first endeavoured to start her Diploma in Year 9, but she was held back by a shoulder injury. She has now fully recovered to be able play the king-sized instrument without problems. 
A tremendous amount of work went into preparing for the assessments that included a fast study sight-reading test, a Viva Voce oral exam, and a recital performance. 
Emily said “It’s been an intense and nerve wracking experience, but enjoyable at the same time.  I feel as though I’ve achieved something particularly valuable in the music world. 

“The two judges assessed my music ability, intonation, technical skills, and evaluated my general performance as a whole and how fluent it was.” 

Emily has been playing cello for as long as she can remember. Home videos prove that she mastered ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ on the instrument by the time she had started school. By Senior School she had starting piano and singing.  
“I’ve always played cello, for as long as I can remember.  It’s my instrument of choice, it’s such an amazing instrument.”
“Cello is a very expressive instrument, and if the performer is expressive too, it’s just a delightful sound you can achieve. 
“I’m really lucky with the level of support I’ve had around me. Everyone here at Berkhamsted School, and my family have encouraged me every step of the way.  My mum and dad (also known as Mr Noithip, Head of Music at Berkhamsted School), both being musical, have helped me with ideas and have accompanied me in performances. The teachers at school are incredibly supportive of everyone, and it’s a really enjoyable atmosphere with the way pupils and staff all support each other. 
“I have friends taking their music exams in the forthcoming weeks. I’d like to wish Alice Hart (Year 13) the best of luck with her ARSM in trumpet, and everyone else at school who is going through their music qualifications.”
As performing cello is her major passion, Emily will of course plan to continue her development and take the opportunity to play in orchestras. She is taking her Grade 8 piano exams this week, and Grade 8 singing next term. 
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