Berkhamsted Group, Pre-Prep | 21.09.2022

Year 2 Go Out of this World

Year 2 Go Out of this World

You wouldn’t normally expect to be lying on the floor of the Sports Hall at the Pre-Prep and find yourself staring up at all the stars and planets in our Solar System, but that is exactly what Year 2 did on Thursday 15th September.

It was all part of a visit by Matt from Wonder Dome, which saw a large inflatable planetarium appear in the Sports Hall as an exciting way to begin their study of Space. The subject will form part of their History topic on significant figures in the history of space travel.

As Matt explained, the Wonder Dome aims to give pupils an idea of how space works, and introduce them to Earth’s place in the solar system. That is exactly what happened, as each Year 2 class got the chance to see all the planets projected on the walls of the dome, accompanied by plenty of exciting facts and information. Some of the pupils felt as though they were actually going up to space in a rocket!

The pupils emerged from the dome enthused about what they had seen and showing a great deal of curiosity about the solar system. They were able to name many of the planets, and there was plenty of astonishment at what they had learnt, not least when they discovered that Mars has a mountain, Olympus Mons, which is nearly three times as high as Mount Everest!

The morning not only introduced the pupils to the concept of space and the solar system, but gave them the chance to satisfy their curiosity; the session was interactive, with plenty of opportunity to ask Matt questions. There were so many, in fact, that some of the sessions overran! There is no doubt that it has certainly got them excited and engaged for their new topic and we can’t wait to see the work that it inspires.

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