Berkhamsted Group | 04.06.2013

Year 5 visit Wycombe Museum

Year 5 visit Wycombe Museum

part of their local history topic, Year 5 enjoyed a day out at the
beautiful High Wycombe Museum, home to a famous collection of Windsor
chairs.  There were various chairs on display, from the most comfortable
to the uncomfortable – a Victorian deportment chair.  Other interesting
finds included the tall Victorian teacher’s chair, useful for keeping
an eye on classes of up to 100!

The highlight of the day was a
workshop session, involving object investigation and dressing up.
Through story telling, the girls explored what it was like working in
the local furniture industry in Victorian times. In the afternoon, the
visit was rounded off by a trip upstairs to the museum galleries, where
the girls enjoyed some brass-rubbing and some more dressing-up!

5 opinions were: “It was a really fun day and I learnt a lot more than I
knew.”; “I was overjoyed because I thought they would all be the same
(the chairs), but I was totally wrong! It was great fun!” 
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