Berkhamsted Group, Prep | 16.05.2024

Year 6 perform ‘The Wind in the Willows’

Year 6 perform ‘The Wind in the Willows’

This week, Year 6 pupils performed Kenneth Grahame’s ‘The Wind in the Willows’, a story that follows the adventures of animal friends. To boost their self-confidence in preparation for their upcoming transition to Year 7, pupils performed the classic tale of friendship at the 500-seat Centenary Theatre. After hours of rehearsal practice with Mrs Turnley, Ms Carr, and Mr Farrant, pupils emerged from the curtains week, ready to embrace adventure in front of their parents, peers, and relatives.

The first scene was a lively ensemble, featuring dancing kingfishers, swaying wildlife, and soothing background music. Afterwards, two of the main characters, Mr Mole and Ratty, greet each other on the river. With their wholesome friendship forming, the play’s themes of friendship and trust resonated with pupils’ own experience as a close-year group who have studied together since Year 3!

The audience were then introduced to the ‘wild wooders’ an evil group of animals destined to see the demise of characters Mr Toad, Mole, Ratty, and Badger. The woodland companions worked together with resilience to overcome the challenges caused by the wild wooders (including breaking Mr Toad from jail!)

The coordination, zeal, and confidence of every performer was beyond their years. Parents left gleaming with pride and excitement for what their child will go on to achieve as they emerge in Year 7 as enthusiastic all-rounders.

With themes of ambition, friendship, resilience, and adventure, the novel reflected pupils’ own experiences at the Prep and was an upbeat ending to their final year of Prep School.





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