Berkhamsted Group, Girls, Heatherton, Prep, Sixth Form | 13.05.2024

Young Singer of the Year 2024

Young Singer of the Year 2024

Last week, Berkhamsted was alive with music as the Young Singer of the Year Festival commenced. Parents, peers, and school staff gathered to witness the most talented vocalists compete for the coveted titles of Young Singer, Young Vocalist, and Young Voice of the Year.

The competition began on Monday with the opening round. Pupils from across the School showcased their incredible singing talents in various categories, including Folk Songs and Songs from Musicals. The audience was left speechless as the young performers pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones to deliver stunning performances.

Alice W and Alys W from Heatherton won an Adjudicator’s Award for their powerful duet performance of “For Good”. Toby K also won an Adjudicator’s Award for his unique and cheerful rendition of “The Bird Song,” which he accompanied with inventive hand motions.

On Wednesday, the finals took place, and the atmosphere was electric. Parents, teachers, and the Adjudicator, Susan Cox, eagerly gathered in the hall to witness the Young Voice of the Year category. The young performers from Heatherton and Berkhamsted Prep gave it their all, but Beatrice W stole the show with her impressive singing of “Suddenly Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors.

The senior pupils then took the stage, and the audience was blown away by their talent and passion. From “Mamma Mia” to Anna Kendrick’s “Still Hurting,” the performers showcased their incredible voices and diverse musical talents.

The festival was a resounding success, and everyone left feeling inspired and uplifted by the talent of Berkhamsted’s young singers.


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