Heatherton Girls School – Academic Stretch & Support

Maintaining a positive learning environment for every pupil

As a parent, it is only natural that you want the very best for your child. At Heatherton, we are committed to ensuring that every one of our pupils reaches their full potential.

At times, some children need additional support to enable them to experience the full curriculum. Students may be bright and hard-working, but they may need certain support and provision to succeed. At Heatherton, our students are at a young and impressionable age and this is a crucial time to prevent any lack of self-confidence in their own ability.

When a child is identified as needing additional support, a member of staff will discuss this with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). Support may be given individually or in a small group by the teacher or teaching assistant. This encourages student engagement, motivation and retention, whatever challenges they face.

Learning support lessons are arranged on a one-to-one basis and may be subject to additional charges.

At Heatherton we also work tirelessly to stimulate, stretch and challenge every pupil at our School. Stretch and challenge activities are included in all subject schemes of work and provision is made for all students with particular abilities or talents.

For those Heatherton pupils with special talents in Sport, Drama, Art or Music, the provision is varied and extensive. Peripatetic Music and LAMDA lessons are arranged throughout the School day, and Sports groups are formed by ability.

For those with particularly strong academic ability, the girls are also offered chances to compete in events such as Maths Challenges, French Verse Speaking Competitions and Thinking Skills Days.

Heatherton pupils are successful because of their highly positive and motivated attitude to learning. Our exemplary pastoral care means your child will feel happy, secure and well cared for.

We understand that early experiences provide the base for the brain’s organisational development and functioning throughout a pupil’s life and this has an impact on their learning skills as well as their future emotional and social skills.

The education the girls receive at Heatherton encourages them to be ambitious yet compassionate, nurturing them to develop into remarkable people.


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Pupils achieve highly and exceed expectations across all areas, well above their commensurate ages.

Forward thinking and outward looking enough not to be a bubble, but there’s a lovely innocence about this small girls’ school nonetheless.

Teachers’ insistence on high expectations ensures that pupils strive from, and achieve, high standards in their learning and gain skills that enable them to make positive transitions within their school and to their senior schools.

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