Fees, Terms & Conditions

Registration fee
Payable on registration, non-refundable £175 (Please note that from 1 April 2023 the fee will increase to £192.00)

Please see the Berkhamsted Schools Group’s Terms and Conditions for information on how and when the Acceptance Deposit and / or the Additional Deposit may be refunded. The Acceptance/Additional Deposits are subject to change and reference should be made to the published Terms and Conditions and Fees Schedule applicable at the time of Acceptance.

Acceptance Deposit – £2,000 payable by the parents of each pupil on acceptance of a place. £1,000 to be refunded against the first invoice, the balance to be retained until your child leaves the Berkhamsted Schools Group. Fees are payable on the first day of term either by direct debit, bank transfer or debit card.

Overseas Additional Deposit – payable by parents who are living outside the United Kingdom at the point of application.This is an additional amount that, when added to the Acceptance Deposit, equates to one term’s tuition fees at the relevant rate shown below.

Tuition Fees
Fees per term from 1 September 2022 

For convenience the annual fee is payable at the start of each term in three equal amounts.

For Reception upwards, fees include tuition, most text books, lunches and personal accident insurance.

Nursery (Ages 3 – 4)

Flexible sessions 

Each morning session 08:00 – 12:00 £360 per term

Each full day 08:00 – 15:30 (inc lunch) £625 per term

Pre-Prep School (Ages 4 – 7)

 Reception 08:00 – 15:30 (inc lunch) £3,225

Year 1 £3,565 

Year 2 £3,810 

Prep School (Ages 7 – 11)

Years 3 & 4 £4,475 

Year 5 £4,800 

Year 6 £4,865 

Other Fees


Childcare Vouchers from accredited companies may be used to pay school fees up to and including the term in which your child turns 5. Thereafter, they may only be used to pay for Wrap Around Care.

The Berkhamsted Schools Group is not registered for the Early Years Government Funding.

Music, Gym, Ballet, Theatre and Dance

Individual instrument tuition (piano, strings, woodwind, brass percussion, singing and guitar) 30 mins £250

Gym Club £130

Ballet Lessons £130

Musical Theatre / Commercial Dance £130

NB: Public examination entry fees for extra curricular activities will be charged as appropriate.

Wrap Around Care

There are various sessions available at Wrap Around Care both before and after school and prices for these range between £5.50 and £16.50. Breakfast Club starts at 07:30 and includes breakfast before 08:00. All children will receive a snack on arrival at After School Club and a snack tea is included for those staying for the later session The last session at After School Club finishes at 18:00.

Terms & Conditions