The House system is at the heart of life at Heatherton.

Our Houses provide our pupils with a sense of belonging, helping to develop their self-confidence.

We believe the House system is an important element of school life which supports each pupil’s development. Our Houses provides the opportunity for children of different ages to come together and celebrate each other’s achievements, helping to develop a real understanding of our School’s aims and objectives and promote a healthy spirit of competition.

Pupils at Heatherton are allocated to one of three School Houses, comprising of students from different age groups.

The Heatherton Houses are:

Mars – whose members wear red
Saturn – whose members wear yellow
Venus – whose members wear blue

Each House also has a number of teachers attached to it who help lead the House in a variety of activities.

At Heatherton, our Houses also provide an environment for cooperation and competition. House Points are given for positive work, behaviour and inter-house competitions to see which is the most successful House at the end of each term, with awards made to its members. 

Every child at Heatherton has a Form Teacher whose primary role is to support their pupils’ development.

These teachers are supported by the Headteacher, the Deputy Head and the Pastoral Lead who monitor the day-to-day academic and pastoral progress of each child.

Our specialist teaching staff provide feedback to the Form Teachers throughout the year to ensure that a holistic view of each child’s performance at school is being obtained.