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Co-educational independent day school for pupils aged 3-7

Berkhamsted Pre-Prep places each child at the centre of everything we do. Wellbeing is our first priority, and providing a high level of nurture and care is our primary focus


BerkoPrePrep · Jan 11

We celebrated achievements in swimming, gymnastics, judo and climbing today.

BerkoPrePrep · Jan 11

Year 1 using their Noticing skills when investigating Floating and Sinking in Science this week.

BerkoPrePrep · Jan 3

Welcome back Stepping Stones. New year, new experiences; learning and exploring together.

BerkoPrePrep · Dec 13

Developing skills of creativity and imagination in our Christmas craft sessions.

BerkoPrePrep · Dec 13

Year 2 welcomed friends and families in this week to ‘Stay and Read’.

BerkoPrePrep · Dec 12

Our Reception enjoying their Christmas lunch together @BerkoPrePrep Excitement and lots of laughter!

BerkoPrePrep · Dec 12

Stepping Stones are enjoying their Christmas party. Sharing and having fun together.

BerkoPrePrep · Dec 11

Reception used their noticing skills to follow the clues to find the elves.

BerkoPrePrep · Dec 7

Reception collaborating and sharing whilst learning to play dreidel; a traditional Jewish game played at Hanukkah.

BerkoPrePrep · Nov 28

Reception were inspired to write after opening the box with the three elves inside.

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