Heatherton Girls School – Parent Partnership

At Heatherton, the girls’ wellbeing is reliant on a strong partnership between our parents, teachers and students. In order to work together for the good of your child, we offer a Parent Talks and Courses programme to encourage effective communication between home and school.

The course also provides you with an opportunity to discuss the issues facing young people in today’s fast-changing world. Issues involving new technology can occur in school or at home and you can discuss them with our staff members.

The Parent Partnership enables our students to feel supported in every respect – through any disappointments or challenges they may face. This care and guidance enables them to grow into resilient young adults.

“Heatherton is an exceptional school. They have cherished my daughter, providing her with support when she has needed it and always encouraging her to do her best. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

–Heatherton Parent