Joining Heatherton


How to apply

Prospective pupils may be registered for admission at any time after birth. Registrations should ideally be received at least a full calendar year preceding the desired date of admission to benefit from all communications relating to the next admissions cycle.

Registration takes place by submitting the registration form using the link below along with a registration fee.


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Entry requirements

Entry into Heatherton’s Co-educational Nursery takes place three times per year in January, April and September, and the earliest opportunity to join is the term in which the child turns three years’ old. We invite prospective Nursery and Reception pupils for an informal pre-offer visit with their parents to assess that we are able to meet a child’s needs. We also request a copy of the child’s most recent report from their current school, nursery or play group.

Children from Year 1 upwards are invited to spend an assessment / taster day at the School. They will complete a variety of assessments in English and Maths to help us identify particular strengths or weaknesses. Recent reports, a reference and any test scores are also requested from the previous school. Following the relevant assessments, the Headteacher then meets with parents to discuss their daughter’s taster session prior to an offer being made.


Changes to Berkhamsted Girls Admissions

Changes to Entry Assessment for 2025

From 2025 we will not require Heatherton pupils entering Berkhamsted Girls to take any entrance exams from the 2025 Year 7 entry onwards: this affects pupils in Year 3 in September 2021, and following years.