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A co-educational independent day and boarding school for students aged 16+

Berkhamsted Sixth is a dynamic and diverse community that offers a stimulating and supportive transition between school and university

Martin Walker welcomes you to Berkhamsted Sixth

Berkhamsted Sixth is a dynamic and diverse community that offers a stimulating and supportive transition between school and university or the world of work.

We support our students to develop into independent, motivated and self-disciplined young adults, who thrive at Berkhamsted and beyond.

We encourage every student to do their best in all that they do and to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them at Berkhamsted Sixth, from their studies and extracurricular activities to the chance to serve others and perhaps most importantly, in their relationships with their peers, teachers and support staff.


We encourage our students to follow their passions, benefitting from a sense of purpose, pride and fulfilment. We look to challenge them to try their hardest and to aim high with integrity. We hold them accountable for their approach to learning and believe that students rise to high expectations.

We provide the opportunities for students to gain the skills and experiences that will provide the foundations for their future success and happiness, whilst equipping them with the qualifications they will need to meet their aspirations.

We would like every student to feel valued, supported, respected, encouraged and challenged, so they can be themselves, achieve their potential and use their final two years at school to develop the skills and confidence they need not only to do well, but to do good after Berkhamsted.

Our students leave us as happy, healthy young adults who appreciate the opportunities they have, developing into successful and fulfilled adults who will use the advantages of their education not just to aim high, but also to help others.

Supported by our dedicated staff who enable students to develop a love of learning that will stay with them for life and help them to develop important transferable skills, every pupil at Berkhamsted Sixth develops responsibility, direction, self-discipline, organisation and independence so that they can make a successful transition to Higher Education or the world of work.

We look forward to supporting them on this journey.

Martin Walker, BA

Headteacher – Berkhamsted Sixth


Our Values and Aims

Berkhamsted School life is driven by our community held values. All of our values and aims are shared by the Berkhamsted family of schools.

  • Aim high with integrity
  • Be adventurous
  • Serve others

Serving others during Covid-19







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Senior Schools


Berkhamsted Sixth · Jun 21

Over £3,500 raised for @spreadasmileuk. A tremendous effort by Reeves House. #TeamBerko

Berkhamsted Sixth · Jun 16

A fabulous day with Humanutopia and Year 12. Rarely does one day have such a positive impact on students!

Berkhamsted Sixth · May 19

The impact of our student consultants, well done to all involved. #QuakerMeeting

Berkhamsted Sixth · Dec 11

House Gingerbread Decorating....because you're never too old.

Berkhamsted Sport · Nov 13

Year 5 Champions League Football Round 3. Great to see everyone in action! Goal galore! @BerkhamstedPrep

Berkhamsted Sixth · Nov 13

St George's House - #ServingOthers 15 boxes for the Shoe Box Appeal #ShoeBoxAppeal

Berkhamsted School · May 1

Please find a message below from the Prefect Team for the Berkhamsted Schools Group community #teamberko

Berkhamsted Sport · Mar 1

NSLC 2020 - 1st X v St Mary’s Calne W5-2. Berko top the group heading into the last 16. #teamberko

Berkhamsted Sixth · Feb 3

Beginning the week with a positive and healthy message for #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek2020

Berkhamsted Sixth · Jan 28

Looking forward to welcoming students to our Healthcare Insight Day with @themedicportal

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