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Microsoft Surface Onboarding

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Windows Setup
Meraki MDM Setup
Office 365 and OneDrive
The Stylus
Power Management
Care and Handling
Protective Cases
Physical Security

Windows Setup

All of the devices are configured in a way that means on first start-up they will automatically link themselves to Berkhamsted’s Microsoft device management system.

The process is straight forward and will require the following;

  • Plugged in to the mains charger
  • At least 30 minutes uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection to the internet.
  • Your school email address and password.

You will be prompted by Windows Cortana – this is Microsoft’s equivalent of Siri. You can mute Cortana by pressing F4 or clicking the Microphone icon on screen.

You will be prompted with the following selection screens;

Let’s start with region – United Kingdom
Is this the right keyboard layout? – United Kingdom
Want to add a second keyboard layout? – Skip
Let’s connect you to a network – As part of this setup process avoid public WiFi networks like those you’d find in cafes, hotels as some of these don’t provide a ‘straight-through’ connection to the internet and you may encounter issues with the setup.
Welcome to Berkhamsted School Group! – Enter your school email address
Enter your password – Remember that passwords are case sensitive.
Setting up your device for work – No action is required on this screen. This process can take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection so please be patient.

Power Management

Both the Surface Go and Surface Pro have a very reasonable battery life. If you apply basic power management practices it should last the entire day. Consider the following;

  • Screen brightness – this has the highest impact on battery life.
  • Shutdown or standby – Shutting down the device will conserve the most battery power, although will take a little longer to start up. Whilst on standby the device will consume a small amount of power, but will start up quicker. – consider which is the best option.

If your device looses charge and is unusable in a lesson you will have the option to borrow a portable battery charger from an IT drop in centre – however bear in mind that each time you borrow a charger, your Head of House will be informed and certain sanctions will be in place for repeat offenders.