Developing Remarkable People

The Berkhamsted Schools Group develop remarkable people, helping their pupils to not only earn a living but also to live lives worth living.


At the core of our community

At Berkhamsted, we’ve been Developing Remarkable People since 1541.

Our family of schools truly offer the best of both worlds: a distinguished and proud heritage combined with the latest and most innovative teaching.
During the last decade or so, we’ve accelerated our progress. Initially, by introducing a ‘Building Learning Power’ methodology to ensure pupils become confident, curious and independent learners – equipped with relevant habits and skills. Next, we implemented our three key values (as below) and embedded them at the heart of everything we do – to broaden and uplift our pupils’ school lives. That’s why we have a dedicated Deputy Head of Teaching & Innovation and a Deputy Head of Leadership, for example.

Developing Remarkable People isn’t just relevant to our pupils. Learning by example, our staff consistently build upon their own knowledge, too – by studying for additional qualifications, including degrees. Demonstrating to our pupils that an open mindset is where learning never stops. Meanwhile, our Parent Partnership recognises that our children’s wellbeing and happiness relies on a strong partnership with parents and school. That’s why we all work so closely together to ensure each pupil’s success.

It all means we’re constantly looking forward, evolving and enhancing our approach to each child’s education.

Aim High with Integrity

We believe in preparing our pupils effectively for a world in which they’ll be judged purely on their own merit. That’s why we select pupils from a broad spectrum of talents and abilities who will tangibly benefit from the added value that Berkhamsted can deliver, both academically and holistically. Our academic achievements derive from outstanding teaching, small class sizes, and provision of personal Microsoft Surface devices (from Year 5) to track individual progress. In our prep schools the children are in small classes with a form tutor who monitors their personal development and academic progress.  By senior school, each child is supported by their Head of House and their own tutor within our House system (maximum 10 children per tutor). From Year 7, pupils work with these tutors to author their own reports and develop their own education plans, with encouragement to aim high and make the most of the breadth of opportunity available to them at Berkhamsted. This gives pupils their own voice and the agency to be their true selves – so they can learn to be self-critical in a healthy way.

Be Adventurous

Whether learning new skills or taking to the stage in a play, being adventurous is about our pupils challenging themselves to take risks and achieve more independence. We believe that this involves a leadership mindset that promotes innate self-confidence. And we help every child achieve this: by Year 2, young pupils are already on our school council and helping shape their own experience; by Year 6, pupils are performing on stage at our 500-seat theatre; by Year 10, pupils are benefiting from specialist public speaking sessions. Of course, being adventurous also means not being afraid to make mistakes – which allows our pupils to learn, grow and try again.

Serve Others

Collaboration, cooperation and understanding the power of teamwork are skills for life. We believe that working together and achieving as a collective group is an invaluable experience for all our pupils. Alongside learning the power of working as a team, serving others through charitable actions is a major part of life at Berkhamsted.  Each term our pupils choose charities they would like to support and work towards events to help support, raise funds and learn to act to make a difference. All such initiatives have great value to our pupils both now and long term.

Above all, at Berkhamsted we believe that Developing Remarkable People helps our pupils to not just to earn a living but to enjoy a life worth living. We want to inspire your son or daughter to achieve more than they even think is possible in an ever-evolving world. Let us help them achieve not only the qualifications to get into good universities and fulfilling jobs but also their first promotion.



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Life skills

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Intellectual skills

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Excellent results

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Remarkable people in the news

This Year 2 science experience was out of this world!

Following the sad news of the passing of our Patron, Her Majesty The Queen, an Oak tree has been planted in her memory for both the school and local community to share in Tompkins Meadow. Read more

The governors, staff, pupils and parents of the Berkhamsted Schools Group were deeply saddened to hear the news of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We send our condolences to her family, and those who worked with her. Please read full tribute:

On the 31st August, 100 swimmers and 12 coaches came to Berkhamsted School to be taught by Adam Peaty and his race team The day will leave a real legacy as the knowledge gained by the swimmers and coaches is handed on to the next generation of swimmers🏅

Welcome back 😄👋 We had a fantastic first day welcoming everyone back. There were smiles and laughter all around as our pupils got to reconnect with each other after the Summer break. We can’t wait for another year of aiming high, being adventurous and serving others!⭐

The D&T Challenge last term gave pupils the opportunity to design a drone prototype that collects plastic waste. Products were tested in a giant pool, created outside the Chadwick Centre!

Following a busy last term, we can’t wait to welcome everyone back for a new academic year on 7th 😃 Take a moment to reflect back with us on all the wonderful activities that took place last term⬇️

Thank you @SchoolsTatler for the 2023 review. “Staff aim to produce remarkable people, not just remarkable exam results. And they do.” #TeamBerko Book upcoming Sept open events to find out for yourself👉

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